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Our Favourite Pictures of Our Four-Legged Friend

We were recently clearing out some of our old pictures and there was a definitely running theme -  We have loads of pictures of Ruby! Since joining us here as a little puppy, she’s always been there to help out the postman, or give our visitors the warmest welcome! She’s often found curled up in her dog bed next to Steve’s desk in the office, or at the window watching everyone walk past our office. Here are some of our favourite pictures that we thought we would share with you…

Why Is Norwich Such a Fine City To Live In?


If you are debating a move to Norwich and are wondering what this great place can offer, then we have the answers! (And there are many!)


Norwich was recently voted as one of Britain’s 20 friendliest places to live by The Telegraph. This article got us thinking about all the other good things about living in this up and coming city, other than just the fact we are a ‘fun and friendly environment’. Here are some of the best things about living in Norwich…


1) City Landscape

As we know in many cities, urbanisation and huge corporate buildings can make a place look ugly. Norwich has stuck to its heritage and remains a cathedral city. Not only does Norwich have a beautiful Cathedral in the centre of its rustic cobbled streets, but there are many other beautiful tourist attractions to visit. We recommend the City Hall, right near the market, the St Gregory’s Church tucked away in the Norwich Lanes and of course there’s the Norwich Castle!



2) Great Food


Tucked away next to St Gregory’s Church is what we think is one of the best fish and chip shops in the whole of the UK – Grosvenor Fish Bar! Along with this, also in the cobbled street of the lanes is Roger Hickman’s. This modern, British, fine dining menu, was recently named as one of the UK’s 100 Restaurants by the Sunday Times. 



3) Great Pubs

 If you need somewhere to wash down a big dinner, you will find plenty of warm pubs on the streets of Norwich. One of our favourites is just on the outskirts of the city centre called The Brickmakers. This little gem always has some kind of event or live music playing! If you are into your beers, Norfolk is full of great breweries. We recommend you try the Fat Cat Brewery Tap, which not only is a fantastic pub, but also serves its own great beers!


4) The Norfolk Broads


If you are after a pub with a view, you are in the right place. Nobody can argue that the Norfolk landscape isn’t anything short of stunning. Some of the best locations to take in these rural landscapes can be found on The Norfolk Broads. With boat hire and water sports fun on offer, all before sitting down for a lovely pub lunch on the water edge, there really isn’t a reason not to celebrate this place! We recommend visiting a village at the heart of The Broads, Wroxham. 


5) The Beaches


Another advantage of living in Norwich is how close you are to beautiful Norfolk Coastline. You have many to choose from. If you are after a more natural beach setting, where it is quiet and you are able to go for gentle strolls, then we recommend Blakeney Point – Obviously getting to see wild baby seals here is a definite bonus! If you’re looking for your quintessential beach attractions, Norwich is also close to Cromer! Here you can explore the famous Cromer Pier and sample the local delicacy: your very own Cromer Crab!


6) Culture


Cromer Crabs are not the only cultural attraction. In 2012, Writers’ Centre Norwich led the successful bid for Norwich to become England’s very first UNESCO City of Literature. This enables Norwich’s contemporary writers and young people supported by the UNESCO Young Ambassador programme to share in their love of reading, writing, books and ideas. Norwich-based writer Sarah Perry also recently won the Waterstone’s prize for Book of the Year for her book ‘The Essex Serpent’.


7) Coffee


If you love a good cup of coffee, or a traditional English cup of tea then you are in the right place. Norwich is full of quirky coffee shops and places to have afternoon tea. The Window Coffee shop in the centre of Norwich made it into The Independent’s top 50 Best coffee shops. We also love Biddy’s Tea Room, tucked away in the centre of Norwich. It offers proud British décor and delicious cake!


8) Shopping 


Norwich has one of the biggest variety of shops to be found anywhere. We have not one, but two shopping malls that are connected by a bustling high street. Not only does Norwich feature all of the large-chain regular retail outlets, but is also features a historical market and the bespoke Norwich retailers in the Norwich lanes – there really is something for everyone.


9) Housing 


We are very proud to talk about the property in the Norwich area, and very proud to represent it! House prices in this region are expected to rise quicker than anywhere else in the whole of the UK over the next decade. Predictions from Savills for 2017 indicate that the East of England will see the highest growth with 2.5%. With profit on property to be made, there has never been a better time to move to this lovely region.


10) Music



It’s no secret that we have many a proud musician that started gigging at The Waterfront venue in Norwich – Ed Sheeran to name one! Local music is also making headlines with Norwich duo Let’s Eat Grandma currently touring the UK with their inventive take on pop music. The observer wrote that their album ‘I, Gemini‘, is the best debut album since REM’s ‘Murmur’. If you yourself like to sing, there are plenty of great open mic nights to showcase this region’s best raw talent. 

Would you like to join the Abode team?


Our team is growing. We had a crazy, successful year in 2016, and we expect it to only get busier this year. This means we are in need of a new full-time lettings negotiator! If you have the right attitude to work and a passion for property, then we would love to hear from you. – The job description and contact details are below.


So why join us? We are located in the very centre of Norwich. Our newly refurbished office is full of all of the latest gadgets including all Mac laptops and monitors, smart TVs, Bose speakers, cosy sofas, a modern kitchen and most importantly a luxury coffee machine! We are a friendly group of professionals who encourage new ideas and like to stay up to date with the latest trends.


Want to join the Abode team? We are looking for someone who is:

  • Experienced in lettings (min two years), with preferable experience in sales as well.
  • Driven, committed and enthusiastic with plenty of initiative.
  • Ability to value, conduct viewings, canvass for new business, negotiate and close sales.
  • Settings targets and ensuring they are met.
  • Local knowledge.
  • Team player.
  • Full UK driving license (preferably with own car, but pool car also available).


Day to day tasks will include:

  • Registering applicants via phone or in person
  • Booking, conducting and following up viewings
  • Registering and liaising with landlords
  • Negotiating offers
  • Compiling property details
  • Advertising properties on portals
  • Compiling tenancy agreements and obtaining references
  • General administrative tasks
  • Moving people into properties and conducting check outs
  • Prospecting for further business
  • Valuing properties
  • Dealing with property maintenance issues
  • Liaising with contractors


NAEA training will be provided if not already taken. But preferably already NAEA or similar qualified.

Office hours- 9:00am–5:00pm Monday–Friday (depending on viewings) & alternate Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm.

Awesome basic wage and generous commission structure in place for the ideal candidate.

Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your CV and cover letter.





How Will the UK's Property Market React to the New American Presdient?


Everyone knows that Donald Trump himself is no stranger to the world of property with a vast worldwide property portfolio to his name. Nobody can deny that the Presidency of Donald Trump is impactful, however, does this impact stretch to the UK’s property market?


With the pound currently weak to the dollar, one potential impact is an influx of American property investors. This influx could be accelerated by the uncertainty now created by a Trump Presidency. Just as Brexit uncertainty caused the pound to weaken against the dollar, as Trump creates waves of uncertainty, the pound is now gaining ground once more on the dollar.


Nick Davies, head of residential development at Stirling Ackroyd said: 


“The recent fall in the value of the pound against the dollar means there are great deals available in the London market for buyers from across the Atlantic. While the capital’s house prices have risen 13% year-on-year for domestic buyers, those using the dollar will find homes in London are almost 10% cheaper than a year ago.” 


This uncertainty could also manifest itself in other ways too. On a more general note, in times of uncertainty, people tend to stick to what they know. This could see people less likely to move house, as well as investors waiting until the market settles before purchasing new property. Both of these factors will lead to the property market slowing down. 


Lastly, it is important to consider the impact of a new trade deal between Donald Trump’s America and the UK. In recent interviews Mr Trump has spoken favourably about the UK being at the front of the queue when negotiating new trade deals, but how quickly could we see a deal made? Not only this, but further uncertainty caused by long negotiations again could be detrimental for the property market.


The single biggest export market UK goods is the US. A profitable trade deal would help both the UK and US economies. Donald Trump has fully voiced his support for Britain’s decision to leave the EU and many see this as an opportunity to look favourably on securing a trade deal which works well for the UK. In turn, by boosting the British economy as a whole, we are more likely to see a higher property demand in this country.


On balance, both a swift increase for property, and an increase in general could only emphasise the existing housing crisis in the UK. It is no secret that we are facing a housing shortage in Britain. So, although a swift influx of foreign investors and an increased demand for property may see a short term positive impact on the economy, could this be dangerous in the long run?



Will President Trump even stick to his promise to put us at the queue for new trade deal negotiations? Will the pound continue to claw back ground on the dollar? Will the predictions of prices rising in the UK property market come true in 2018? Only time will tell. 

Abode's Top 10 Tips for Renting a Room


With house prices for first-time buyers topping £200,000 for the first time, and Halifax reporting that the average deposit to get on the property ladder is £32,000, is it any wonder the demand for rent is increasing? 


When renting, you are faced with many options – one growing trend is professional house sharing. No longer just a London craze, but a situation many find appealing. With the standard of house share properties improving, and many rent rates including bills for simplicity, the idea of living with a likeminded professional for company seems a more attractive proposition.


So, what steps should you take when considering a house share? Here are our top 10 tips:


Start well in advance.


Give yourself enough time so that you are not pressured into moving into a room that you are not fully sure about. By giving yourself a longer time period, such as a month, to search for somewhere suitable, you are much more likely to end up in a house share that is right for you.


Be prepared to compromise. 


You’re very unlikely to get the exact location you’re looking for, with your dream en-suite bathroom and a large green garden. Select what is most important, for example transport links, and be prepared to be flexible on everything else. 


Be clear on costs.


When an advert states ‘all bills included’, make sure that you will not be stung later down the line when you find out Council Tax is not included in this all-inclusive price.


Also, make sure that if water or electric are included in the price that there aren’t limitations. Nobody wants a hidden charge for taking their time in the shower!


Ask the age and gender of the current tenants in the property.


Age range is crucial to the success of a house share. Not only do you want to be living with likeminded people, but also if you are a 45 female, you most likely do not want to live with 5 21-year-old boys.



Be clear on the current house dynamic.


You do not want to live in an antisocial property if you yourself are looking to make new friends and socialise. Another important factor to consider is whether your lifestyle is compatible with the current tenants. If you work in the day, but the current tenants all work nightshifts, you not only are unlikely to socialise, but also likely to disturb each other’s sleep.




This is one of the most important. If you have an OCD for lingering dishes, and you see dishes that have been there for days when viewing, that should be a warning sign. Make sure to ask about the overall cleanliness of the property before signing any tenancy agreements.


You could also ask if there is a cleaning rota and make sure that chores are split evenly. Some properties come with a communal cleaner. If so, make sure to find out how often they attend the property.


Who pays for communal supplies?


It is all good establishing who cleans and when, but the means to clean must come from somewhere. Ask the current housemates how they currently divide this cost – you don’t want to be running out of loo role because someone refuses to take their turn.


Meet your future housemates.


As much as an agent may be able to tell you about the current tenants, it is still important to meet them yourself. If you take an instant dislike to someone after signing a 6-month contract, you will have no way out. 



Be open minded about difference in culture.


Diversity shouldn’t always put you off. Sometimes learning new cultures can work as an advantage. Who wouldn’t want authentic Chinese food cooked freshly for them? Cultural differences can be interesting – don’t count out the perfect room because not every member of the property is the same nationality as you.


Rules on visitors.


If you have a partner who you see on a regular basis, it is important to be clear on how many nights you are allowed to have a guest stay over. Not only this, but you may not wish to live with a house mate that regularly has a large group of friends over taking up all of the communal living space.



It is important to find the right balance. Our final piece of advice is to not only find a room that fits with your budget, but also your personality.

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