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Have you ever considered a house share?

It’s true – when most of us think about house shares we immediately think of students. Other things you might think of are messy kitchens, people stealing your milk and loud music at all hours of the night. But is there a new type of house share emerging?


Think back to the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and how badly you wanted to live with all of your closest friends and move to the big city. Well that idea is making a comeback. How many young professionals are desperate to get out from their parent’s roof but could not afford it alone?


More and more of us are being forced into renting because actually getting onto the property ladder in modern times seems impossible. But this in itself is causing problems; as the demand for rented accommodation grows, so inevitably do the prices. A study from Spareroom in 2015, showed a 10.5% increase in rent prices last year alone. The average London rent is now at an unbelievable £1,558 a month, with prices in the South of England also breaking the £1000 mark. 


With rent taking around 50% of wages from tenants, is it surprising that many are getting trapped into the rental cycle, with little chance of saving for a deposit? The survey from Spareroom reflects this further, with a 300% increase in house sharers between the ages of 45- 53 over the last 5 years. The 35- 44 age bracket also jumped by 186% during this time. 


Not only are many of us forced to rent in older life, but younger generations are living longer with their parents, their parents are taking in more lodgers than ever: to many, spare rooms within houses cannot afford to be spare anymore. 


But is there an upside to house sharing for longer? Professional house shares can definitely be successful. Renting with likeminded people, all with careers and stories of their own. Maybe it’s actually quite nice to not come home to an empty flat and order a takeaway for one, but instead crack a bottle of wine open with what could essentially be a free therapist. 


House sharing has definitely moved on from damp and cramped student terrace houses. It is actually common now for people to keep the communal areas clean for entertaining their own guests, to be house proud and to actually need sleep ready for work the next day too! Who knows, they also might like Made in Chelsea on a Monday night?


The standard of housing is also changing, as well as the kind of housemates you can expect. With refurbished kitchens and showers that are actually powerful, nobody can deny the standard of shared rental accommodation is rising. Even if it is because even because nobody can afford a mortgage; even people with hygiene standards! 


Image: From one of Abode's properties to let - Click the image to view our latest properties!


‘Generation Rent’, as we are known, could actually force us to be more socially interactive again as everything becomes more and more digitalised. This age of house sharers, working professionals with manners and ambition, forced initially to rent a room rather than a whole house, are starting a trend. What is not to like?  


Maybe one day you will even be able to get to the bottom of the mystery of who is behind the casual decline of your milk. 

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