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Our favourite lunch locations


We all know time is of the essence when working in the city centre of Norwich, so where are the best places to go for some quick but delicious food? Here are our top picks for a working lunch in our beautiful city!



1. Grosvenor Fish Bar

28 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL.


We think this is potentially the best Fish and Chip bar in Norwich. It isn’t as much of a secret as it used to be, tucked away in the beautiful Norwich Lanes. You have 4 options as to where you can actually enjoy this delicious traditional British food. The fish and chips cost the same whether you eat in or take away, which is great if you need to run back to the office when you are tight on time. 


The third option is slightly less known. The Grosvenor Fish and Chip bar will deliver your meal across the way to the incredibly popular pub The Birdcage. This way, if you have a little extra time on a Friday and fancy a large glass or two, you can do, whilst still enjoying your fish and chips! Lastly you could always, (weather permitting), take your food just outside, where there is a beautiful and tucked away grass area in front of St Gregory’s Church.


The food itself doesn’t just consist of your average fish and chips, but if you fancy something a little more upmarket, Grosvenor can cater for that too! Our favourites from the menu include the ‘Bass with Sass’, which is a crispy seabass fillet wrap with lettuce and spicy mango salsa for a very reasonable £5.50, and the ‘Big Mack’, which is a yummy crispy mackerel roll with lettuce and tartare for only £3.75!



2. Moorish Falafel Bar

17 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL.



This little hidden gem of delicious fresh food is again hidden down the Norwich Lanes. Offering a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, which is freshly prepared every day, you know you are receiving high quality food. This place is perfect for vegetarians; however, we think even a meat lover would love the latest craze of falafel too! 


The bar is small with limited seating, but it makes it a perfect place to grab and run when in a rush. It is also close to Grosvenor Fish Bar and the beautiful little grass patch outside the St Gregory’s Church where you can sit and enjoy!



Our favourites on the menu include the ‘Moorish Pitta’, which is a huge pitta, stuffed with 3 Falafels, hummus and house salad for between £3.50-£4.20, and the yummy fresh olives and salsa that you can add to your meal for around 50p each!



3. Biddy’s Tea Room

15/15a Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL.



What is more British than an afternoon tea? With a cosy vintage décor, Biddy’s tea room celebrates our love of a good cuppa tea! Biddy’s would suit someone seeking a little treat on the go, or if you have a little longer, it is a great place to eat in to escape the corporate atmosphere for an hour and relax.



Made fresh daily, some of our favourites include the amazing sausage rolls you can take away, as well as well as obviously some of the best cakes you can find in Norwich. If you are fancying a smaller snack but would still like to enjoy the cosy atmosphere, you can choose form a cream or savoury tea, including a fresh scone with a warm cup of tea for £5.75-£5.95.



Our favourite is of course the full afternoon tea. It sits at a very reasonable price compared to many other afternoon teas available in Norwich at £13.95 for one or £25.90 for two people. It includes a huge variety of sandwiches that you get choice from, including Goats cheese, honey and almond with fig relish and Norfolk ham, chilli jam and brie! This suits picky eaters, as well as those with a love of great British produce.



4. House Café Norwich

52 St Benedict’s Street, Norwich, NR2 4AR. 



Keeping on the theme of cakes and sandwiches, another one of our favourite places to pop to for lunch in Norwich is House. With not only one of our favourite breakfast menus in the city centre, but also one of our favourite places to grab a wholesome sandwich!


House café caters not only for meat eaters that are craving a thick bacon sandwich, but also vegetarians with a craving for bacon as they include Quorn bacon on their sandwich menu. Even better than the sandwiches in our opinion are the melts! With a cheese, pesto and onion melt at only £3.95, we can see why this place is becoming so popular.




It is not just a great place to grab a sandwich and run, but if you fancy taking a seat and have a little more time, there is nothing better than the tuna, mayo and red onion baked potato! Any extras such as cakes, or unsliced bread that you want to pick up on your way through are baked in house, giving the venue an unbeatable smell that we find very hard to walk past!


5. Middletons Steakhouse & Grill

11-15 Timber Hill, Norwich, NR1 3JZ.




If you live in Norwich, you have more than likely heard of Middletons. Famous for juicy steaks and a nice glass of red, many of us will know it is a lovely place to go for an evening meal. However, are you aware of the great value lunch menu!? If you have an hour for your lunch, and fancy an indulgent lunch, this is the place for you. 


The lunch special menu which is available from Mon-Sat: 12-3pm. 1 Course for £7.45, 2 Courses £9.95 and 3 Courses for £10.95! The menu is varied and of course includes their famous and delicious steak. Other of our favourite picks off of the menu include the sticky bbq ribs starter and and yummy warm chocolate brownies or creme brûlée to end!



The place is now fully recovered from its recent fire and we think it is better than ever; with a modern décor of blacks and reds! Its location is very central in Norwich, and yet it is tucked away enough to create an intimate atmosphere, helped by the great friendly staff. The kitchen is open and you can smell the inviting fragrance of the grill from virtually anywhere in the restaurant.

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