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Last year Britons invested in smart devices for their homes creating a market currently valued at £30 million a year.

More and more technology is being released on British shores and whilst the UK is considered to still be in the early adopter phase, more than 4 million Britons have invested in smart home technology.

Voice controlled gadgets that save you from walking over to your light switch, front door or thermostat are becoming increasingly common.

Each device can be controlled through its own app or via a hub if compatible. Apple, Google and Amazon are the leaders in voice-controlled systems.

Here’s a selection of the latest in smart-home technology:

Nest Thermostat: £219

Nest’s ‘learning’ thermostat, looks sleek and subtle and works incredibly well. Twist the dial to adjust the heating or control it via the app on your smartphone. You can set schedules or let it learn your movements.

Forgotten to turn the heating off whilst your away? Not a problem, just switch it off using your phone. Nest also claims it can save you money on your energy bills.




Eve Aqua: £89.95

Watering the garden during hot weather is crucial. The handsomely built Eve Aqua attached between your garden tap and hose. It can be set to come on at intervals for best effects.

It can be controlled from your phone wherever you are or can be voice activated via your home hub. You can even choose a phrase such as: “Hi Siri, turn on the sprinkler”.



Philips Hue Starter Kit: £169.99

Philips were the pioneers of the smart lighting and remains at the forefront of the technology. Their start kit gives a bridge unit that connects to your router and 3 bulbs.

The bulbs can either be plain white or any colour from the spectrum. You can also schedule the lights to gradually turn on, replicating the effect of a sunrise.

The bulbs can also be managed from your smartphone wherever in the world you are.




Ring Video Doorbell 2: £179

This doorbell attaches to your door and when pressed chimes inside your house. It also notifies your phone and you can see who’s at the door via video.

A microphone and speaker also means you can talk to whoever is at the door. Ideal for all those parcels that keep going back to the sorting office!



Apple HomePod: £319

One of Apples' biggest new products in recent years is the HomePod. It comes as no surprise the HomePod is beautifully made and looks classy.

The audio quality from its speaker is immense (the technology has been in development since 2012) and linking it to all your other devices couldn’t be easier. The HomePod can even hear your voice instructions over the loudest music!




August Smart Lock PRO 3rd Gen: £239.35

August has been at the forefront of home security for several years. Yale is now starting to sell a module that incorporates August’s tech to them.

In the past major lock makers suggested high-tech locks can be unsafe, however, Yale’s president states the two companies working together have managed to provide the ultimate balance between convenience and security.



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